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Beautiful homes love Hanson Roof Tile


The Hanson Distinction – Beautiful homes love Hanson Roof Tile.

Hanson is dedicated to providing not only the best quality tile, but also unparalleled service and personalized attention. Hanson Roof Tile is the only name you need for concrete roof tile and the exceptional service behind it.

Hanson Roof Tile is aesthetically distinctive, bearing the unmistakable sign of elegance and taste, creating instant curb appeal for any structure. Available in a wide variety of design-inspired colors and profiles that can enhance any exterior style, Hanson Roof Tile products can emulate the appearance of clay, slate and cedar shake roofs for a variety of architectural styles. We can manufacture concrete roof tile surfaces as textured or smooth, with uniform or ragged edges. Hanson uses more oxides to generate better, longer-lasting colors. We mix one-color, blended colors or a combination of shades to create uniform or random patterns with concrete roof tile for a more broad color palette than clay roof tiles. Colors, styles, and formulas are continuously reevaluated to ensure they meet the demands of customers, builders, developers and architects.

Hanson roof tile is virtually maintenance-free. Concrete roof tile is structurally superior and lasts longer than other traditional roofing materials. Tile roofs are pest-resistant, do not rot in wet climates and are not damaged by heat or sunlight. In contrast, harsh sunlight can cause asphalt shingles to become brittle and weaken shingle adhesive, increasing the likelihood of shingles tearing or blowing off in bad weather. Concrete roof tiles are completely non-combustible. Concrete tile roofing is Class A fire rated, the highest fire-resistant rating available. Tile roofing systems allow air circulation under the tile, reducing heat transfer to attics during fires. In comparison, most house fires spread because embers ignite roofing materials, accelerating combustion.

Due to their extreme durability, the cost of concrete roof tiles is distributed over an extended lifecycle. Depending on the weather conditions where the roof is located, this can be up to 100 years. Roof tile is one of the most economical roofing options on the market. Because of their proven durability, Hanson Roof Tiles carry a lifetime-limited warranty.

A roof is one of the most important aspects of the home. When you see a tile roof, you know the home has been designed to support the weight of the tile. As such, a tile roof is a likely indicator of a solidly built home. Unlike metal roofing systems, which can sustain dents, and are noisy during storms, tile roofs withstand natures harshest weather, including hail and snow. Tile roofs are cost-effective and energy-efficient, with better insulating properties than industry-competitive materials.

Hanson Roof Tile is environmentally friendly, manufactured without chemical preservatives from non-toxic materials: sand, cement and water. As a result, roof tile is more environmentally friendly than other roofing products such as asphalt composition shingle or metal roofing. The process involved in manufacturing concrete roof tile is even more environmentally friendly than that of clay roof tile. Clay tile is cured at very high temperatures, which requires more energy and cost than concrete tile does. And, old roof tiles can be recycled to create new tiles and other products.

Most concrete roof tile is manufactured locally while many clay roof tiles are imported from Mexico and South America. Leading concrete roof tile manufacturer Hanson Roof Tile has nine manufacturing operations located in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

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