How To Find a Roof Leak

How To Find a Roof Leak

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How to Find a Roof Leak

While Dallas weather is typically mild, there are still many storms that challenge area roofs throughout the year. Unfortunately, any one of these storms could start the seep of water into your home and create lasting damage. Fortunately, there are several options for finding a roof leak.

Warning Signs of a Roof Leak

Even if you do not check your attic or roof regularly, there are several signs of a roof leak that will appear in your home. The obvious signs are discoloration on your ceilings and walls from the water damage. However, many other signs should send you looking for a roof leak.

Other signs include:

  • Spots on external walls
  • Missing shingles
  • Out of shape shingles
  • Localized musty odors indoors
  • Bulging patches, especially on interior walls

The Rain Method of Finding a Roof Leak

The simplest method of finding a roof leak involves putting more water on your roof while someone is in the attic to mark where the water appears. If you have a rainstorm, you can get in the attic yourself with a flashlight and a marker.

The flashlight will reflect off of any water in the space so you can mark it. Then when the storm passes and the roof dries, you can have someone knock where the marker is while you’re on the roof (with appropriate safety precautions) to locate the leak location.

The Garden Hose Method

In the event there is no rain in the forecast, a garden hose is an option. However, it’s a slower process, and you must still observe reasonable safety precautions while on the roof. Depending on how high your roof is, you may need multiple hoses.

You’ll start by running the hose at the lowest point in the roof you think the roof leak might be while someone else is inside the attic. Then, if your spotter reports no signs of water after five minutes, you’ll move the hose a little higher and repeat the process.

The Stain Tracing Method

If you have wet insulation and water spots appearing in your home, you can also use the stain tracing method to find the roof leak in your Dallas home. This method requires that you follow the stains as high as possible in your home and then examine the area from on top of the roof.

The trick with this method is that stains may not appear directly under the roof leak. You’ll need to examine the area upslope on the roof as well for the roof leak since water follows gravity. The water can seep through the various roofing materials and appear in the attic several feet from the leak.

High Tech Options

If you’re like many homeowners, getting up on your roof to search for a leak may sound daunting. However, you can use high-tech toys like drones to take a look for obvious signs of roof damage while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Choosing a Professional Roof Inspection

Hiring StazOn roofing to do a roof inspection will be the best solution. The certified roofing professionals at StazOn Roofing Dallas have over 40 years of experience spotting roof leaks on various materials common to the Dallas area. Plus, they can usually fix the problem quickly without causing any worry about the durability of the repair.