Selling Your Home? Hire a Roofing Company in Dallas First

Selling Your Home? Hire a Roofing Company in Dallas First

Why Call a Roofing Company Before Listing Your Dallas Home?

Selling your home is a busy time, and there are many moving pieces. Calling a roofing contractor in Dallas for a roof inspection before you list your home can save you many issues during the showing and closing processes.

1. Reassure Potential Buyers Using a Dallas Roofer

Having a roofing contractor out ensures that you are aware of any roof issues that buyers can later use as negotiation points. Additionally, it demonstrates to buyers that you are proactive since finding a roofer in Dallas to check the roof is one less thing on their list.

Additionally, a roofing contractor in Dallas can issue a roofing certification. This document states that your existing roof will last a given number of years. Customers find this document reassuring, especially if you have an older roof on your home.

2. Perform Minor Repairs Quickly with a Dallas Roofing Contractor

Ensuring your roof is in good health is a good move in the Dallas property market. A roofing contractor in Dallas conducting an inspection can tell you if you have minor damage you can solve quickly. Following these suggestions is often an economical option.

It’s also essential that the roofer from Dallas you choose to do the inspection is not the same roofing contractor you choose to do the roof repair. Not only does using a second Dallas roofer allow a second opinion, but it also prevents an ethical conflict with your roof inspections.

3. Allow Time for Full Roof Replacement Using a Licensed Roofing Contractor in Dallas

If you complete a roofing inspection before you list in Dallas, you also have time to sort out your roof replacement. Typically, a roof replacement is not something a roofing contractor in Dallas can schedule for next week. The process is usually worth it and increases your list price.

One of the big reasons a roofer in Dallas cannot replace your roof in a week is the permit process. Replacing a roof does require one in Dallas, and the process typically takes a few weeks. A good Dallas roofer will handle this process for you.

If you have a specialty roof like tile or metal, you may also face a slight delay while materials ship. While this delay ensures the right colors for your roofing in Dallas, it can seem challenging if you have a specific selling timeline in mind.

4. Deciding to Sell As-Is

Selling as-is is a valid option, and the inspection by a roofing contractor in Dallas can ensure you know what you need to factor in. Unfortunately, many banks will not lend on a home that needs a roof replacement or major repairs. However, minor repairs are typically acceptable.

If you do not want to hire a roofer in Dallas to make the repairs, you may need to consider alternate selling options. Investors, flippers, and cash buyers do not require approval from a bank to purchase your home.

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