Unique Roofing Options

Unique Roofing Options

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Choosing a Local Roofer is Best

Whether you have a home or business in Dallas, you want to stand out. Hiring a local roofing company from Dallas can provide reliable service and options you might not be able to find anywhere else for a long lasting roof.

Shingle Roofing in Dallas

While the traditional asphalt shingle may be everywhere, a good roofing company in Dallas has experience using all designer and architectural shingle options. These types of shingles come in many colors and can significantly improve the value of your building.

Most often, Dallas roofers install designer shingles on homes. The colors can support the theme of your home, from colonial to craftsman. This option is typically not much more expensive than standard asphalt shingles with the right roofing contractor in Dallas.

Shingles in order of expense:

  • Standard asphalt
  • Architectural
  • Designer

Tile Roofs by Professional Dallas Roofers

Tile roofing is an excellent match for the climate in Dallas. Whether you want clay or concrete, this material comes in many colors that a roofing company in Dallas can install quickly. The classic Spanish red tile look often matches the overall architecture of your home.

Tile roofs require a specialized roofing company from Dallas to ensure your home or business remains structurally sound. While the tile weight may require some structural modifications, the durability and ability to minimize heat transfer of this material mean you can recoup the cost of hiring a top-notch Dallas roofer.


Metal Roofs by a Local Roofing Company in Dallas

Metal roofing is a popular choice right now as it is durable and lightweight. However, a good roofing company in Dallas can help you find the right balance of materials and style to ensure your building looks good for years to come.

Metal roofing does require some specialized knowledge for proper installation. However, the true test of an installation by a roofing company in Dallas is time. Proper installation by a reputable Dallas roofer should minimize warping and expansion in the heat of summer.

Additionally, metal roofing is limited by the shape of your roof. You want your roofing contractor in Dallas to keep the pieces as straight as possible. Any bends can become weak points.

Copper Gutters

Architectural Roofing Accents

An attention-catching roof is not limited to the roofing material. Architectural metal accents, used correctly by a roofing contractor in Dallas, can create a unique shape for your roof as well as a pop of color.

Chances are, if a Dallas roofer does metal roofing, they can also create custom and unique pieces for your roof. For example, a gutter system can accent the lines of your building rather than blending or a chimney cap that accents your architectural style.

Another option a Dallas roofer can install is metal awnings. These durable awnings can cover your entryway or seating area, which makes the area cooler. Additionally, a roofing contractor in Dallas can turn these into statement pieces or deliver a perfect match for your aesthetic.

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