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Why Choose Stazon Roofing?

It is not everyday one can say, “It’s our 40th year in Business!” We wish to thank our community as we celebrate this anniversary. It’s an honor to work with you and we are grateful every time you place your trust in StazOn. It means a lot to us. A special thank you to the material suppliers, the installers, the specialty manufacturers, the builders, the architects and all our hard working employees. We look forward to continuing our mission of experience, quality and reliability in the decades to come.

StazOn has served our communties for over 40 years. We are dedicated to providing superior experience, quality, and reliability. Whatever your roofing or panelling needs are; StazOn Roofing will be there to make your project superior.

Meet Paul Graham​

Paul Graham, president of StazOn Roofing, founded the company 40 years ago after working as a roofer, when he was a teen. Graham combined his drive for working hard and his interest in the roofing industry and formed StazOn. The roofing industry has become even more interesting over the decades, as StazOn has expanded not only the diversity of the materials we use, but the range of applications is phenomenal. We are known for quality and craftsmanship and taking pride in what we do.

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