Meet Paul Graham

Paul Graham, president of StazOn Roofing, founded the company in 1980 after working as a roofer, when he was a teen. Graham combined his drive for working hard and his interest in the roofing industry and formed StazOn. The roofing industry has become even more interesting over the decades, as StazOn has expanded not only the diversity of the materials we use, but the range of applications is phenomenal. We are known for quality and craftsmanship and taking pride in what we do. ​

Rob Ramsdale

Head of Residential Division

Rob has been with StazOn since 1997 when he came to Texas from California. He has over 40 years of roofing experience and is head of the residential sales department.

Justin Graham

Residential Sales

Justin has been with StazOn for over 20 years. Justin started in the sheet metal shop and is now a residential salesman. 

Matt Raley

Residential Sales

Matt has been with StazOn for 7 years and does residential reroof and new construction sales. Matt is a Marine Corps veteran.

Tori Cathcart

Residential Administrator & Marketing

Tori has been with StazOn for over 5 years. She is the assistant to all of the residential salesmen and also handles events and is the marketing coordinator.

Kim Casselberry

Accounts Administrator

Kim has been with StazOn for 7 years in the accounting department.

Raul Serna

Residential Repairs

Raul has been with StazOn since 1999 doing residential repairs for every type of roof. Raul has over 20 years of roof experience and is head of the residential repair division.

Rodney Phelps

Sheet Metal Shop Manager

Rodney is the sheet metal shop manager and a valuable member to making custom products.

Lewelen Empie

Multi Family Project Administrative Assistant

Lewelen is the administrative assistant for all multi family and commercial projects as well as assistant to Paul Graham.