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    Metal roofs are unique among roofing materials. They require little upkeep and are long-lasting and durable to guarantee dependable protection; a metal roof must be maintained regularly, just like any other portion of your house. You may extend the life of your metal roof and maintain its finest appearance by
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    Your roof keeps you secure and comfortable inside your house by acting as a silent guardian over your head and shielding you from the weather. It is the most neglected area in the house despite its crucial purpose.Routine roof inspections are essential to ensure the longevity of your shelter and
  • Homeowners may find the idea of replacing their roofs intimidating but also essential. Understanding the time frame involved is essential for effective planning, regardless of whether your roof needs repair due to wear and tear. Various vital elements can affect how long a roof replacement project takes, making it a
  • One of the most significant purchases people can make in their lifetime is buying a house. Buying a new home can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. There are many things to consider, from the location and size of the house to its overall condition. One aspect that many homebuyers
  • Choosing the right roofer is one of the first things homeowners do when building a new home. This is because a good roof is imperative. And only an expert roofer can ensure the roof is installed properly for the complete protection of your home and family. But roof installation is a
  • Hail can be a destructive force that can damage a standing seam metal roof in Frisco, Texas. Standing seam metal roofs are popular in Frisco due to their durability, strength, and low maintenance requirements. However, these benefits don’t keep them from sustaining the damage from hailstorms.Hail can cause a variety
  • Choosing a green GAF-certified roofer in Dallas involves keeping in mind a few important things. Finding a roofer who is accredited by the GAF, a prestigious industry organization for roofing professionals, should be your first priority. This certification ensures that the roofer has met the specific industry standards regarding expertise,
  • Custom architectural metal pieces can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any Frisco home. At StazOn Roofing Frisco, we have our own architectural metal shop where we can design and create unique and beautiful pieces to enhance the aesthetic of your home.Here are some examples of custom architectural
  • The weather conditions in Dallas are highly unpredictable. In fact, hailstorms and high winds are common during certain seasons that wreak havoc on the roofs. As a homeowner, it’s essential to take proactive measures and prepare your home’s roof for potential hailstorms and high winds. Dive into this blog if you wish
  • Your home’s roofing system is incomplete without well-maintained gutters. From redirecting rainwater away from the foundation and preventing water damage to the exterior of the house, they help with all.In Dallas, where we experience heavy rainfall and strong winds, gutters play an even more critical role. They protect our homes
  • Do you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a storm? Act quickly!Not many people realize this, but storms tend to have a huge impact on the roofs in Plano, Texas. For instance, heavy rains, hail, and strong winds can lead to missing shingles, leaks, etc. All these issues
  • The time you invest in finding yourself a reliable roofing contractor can make a huge difference in the project’s outcome. How, might you ask?Well, the roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Hence, choosing durable roofs is important. And only professionals can help you gain access to
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    When it comes to selecting a roof for your new construction home in Dallas, there are many options to consider. One of the popular choices is a standing seam metal roof. These types of roofs offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. And let us not forget the numerous benefits standing
  • Are you looking forward to creating a home from the ground up? Consider investing in new construction homes. They can prove to be an excellent investment. But building a new home comes with a lot of decisions to make. For instance, you will need to choose the right roofer to
  • Your Dallas roof needs to be clear of debris at all times in order to do its job of protecting your property from mold and seepage. Debris accumulation will cause severe damage to the functional stability and utility value of the roof and compromise your house’s interiors. It will also
  • Custom architectural metal pieces are a luxurious addition to any home and can add a unique touch of elegance and sophistication to your home in Dallas. It can add bespoke sheen and class to a range of elements in interior and exterior décor. Many homeowners vouch for its amazing appeal in
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    Hail is a weather phenomenon commonly experienced in Frisco, Texas, which can result in substantial harm to your roof if it is not adequately taken care of. The impact of hail can range from minor dents to extensive holes, sometimes necessitating a complete roof replacement. In this blog post, we
  • Custom architectural metal features offer a lavish and exclusive enhancement to your Plano residence, introducing a unique blend of refinement and sophistication. Whether it’s an intricately designed metal roof, a distinct metal gate, or an exceptional metal sculpture, these bespoke pieces have the power to distinguish your home from the
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    When it comes to choosing a roof for your home or commercial building, there are many options to consider. Two popular choices are composition shingle roofs and standing seam metal roofs. Both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and the right choice for you will depend on your specific
  • Tile roofs, composition roofs, and metal roofs are all popular options for homeowners in Texas, but each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to dealing with the hot Texas climate.Tile roofs are made of clay or concrete tiles and are a popular choice in Texas
  • When it comes to choosing a Dallas roofer for your home or business, it’s important to consider both the cost and the level of expertise. While hiring an inexperienced Dallas roofer may save you money in the short term, it could ultimately cost you more in the long run if
  • When it comes to choosing a roofer in Dallas, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re hiring a reputable and skilled professional. A good roofer can not only repair any damage to your roof, but also help prevent future problems by conducting a thorough roof evaluation.Most roofers
  • While it may seem counterintuitive, venting your Dallas roof can keep your home cooler and more pleasant. A reputable Dallas roofing company can develop a ventilation plan that keeps your roof cooler and your home more energy efficient.Why Should Roofs Be Vented?Ventilation improves airflow, regardless of the area. By venting
  • Many Dallas homes have fireplaces, often as a focal point for a living or family room. Proper fireplace ventilation is critical for a safe home, and many of these fireplaces do their ventilation through the roof as it goes back to classic designs for kitchen fires of all sizes. In
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    Dallas roofing companies see poor attic ventilation every day, which needs to be remedied as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re risking damage to your home that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.Why Does Attic Ventilation Matter?The two monetary reasons proper attic ventilation matters in Dallas are energy savings
  • Roof ventilation can help extend the life of your roof and help your home be as energy efficient as possible. In a warm climate like Dallas, every little bit helps. The best attic ventilation plans come from experienced roofing professionals in Dallas.Intake VentsSoffit VentsSoffit vents are the most common intake
  • It was a chilly evening for his deliveries, and the warmth of Dallas was a welcome surprise. So, with a wink and a nod, Santa resumed his journey from roof to roof on his route for the night. While there was no coating of snow to mask tricky rooflines, he
  • Roofing insulation may seem counterintuitive in Carrollton, where there are only a few truly cold months in the year. However, adding roofing insulation provides benefits to your home all year long in Carrollton and many other warm locations.Why Should You Insulate?In the cold months, roofing insulation helps keep the heat
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    Unfortunately, roofs can experience various issues that endanger your home’s contents. The best way to protect your home is to spot evidence of these problems and call in a professional Frisco roofing contractor to fix them.Roof LeaksUnfortunately, by the time you spot a roof leak, it has probably already done
  • Spring is a solid time to replace your existing residential roof, but in order to get the time spot you want, you need to start the process soon. Otherwise, you may find the roof replacement for your Plano home later in the year than you would like.Why Would You Replace
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    Insulation is a critical component of your Frisco home, yet it’s often forgotten behind the drywall and the attic door. Even though Frisco is a reasonable temperate year-round, you still need good insulation for winter. Otherwise, your energy bills will be sky-high.What is Insulation?There are multiple types of insulation, but
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    While having pipes and stacks coming out of a roof can affect the aesthetic, each serves a vital function for the house. However, a reputable roofing company in Dallas calculated how many of each were necessary and completed the installation for your home as seamlessly as possible. What you see
  • Rain in Plano comes seasonally, including the large summer thunderstorms. Rain chains, rain screens, and gutters all help protect your Plano home during storms. An experienced Plano roofing company can use all of these elements to protect your home.Why Should You Care About Drainage?Rain chains, rain screens, and gutters all
  • Metal staircases fit into several unique design styles, from modern to industrial to contemporary. Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, a custom architectural metal staircase could be one of the signature elements in your Carrollton home.Why Choose a Metal Staircase in Carrollton?Metal, and steel in particular, offers exceptional durability.
  • As a resident, you have experienced the intense Frisco summers and occasional summer storms. The elements alone are a good reason to consider a metal awning for your home or business. However, incorporating a metal awning into your Frisco building has other benefits, and a professional Frisco roofer can help
  • Custom Metal Pieces For Your Home in DallasThere are many ways to add curb appeal and design elements to a Dallas home; however, architectural metal is one of the most durable. With proper design, custom architectural metalwork can be truly transformative.Chimney CapsChimney caps are vital to maintaining a clean, well-ventilated
  • Attic Ventilation in DallasDallas attics can reach extreme temperatures during the day without proper ventilation, increasing your cooling bill each hot day. When you’ve tried everything conventionally recommended to bring it down, try calling in a roofing contractor in Dallas to check the dryer vent and whether your foundation is
  • When installed correctly, soffit and turbine vents can be used to regulate the temperature of attics better. These tools are particularly useful in the warm climate of Plano, where summer 2022 brought another wave of record temperatures.Why do Attics Get So Warm in Plano?As anyone who has passed a science
  • Roof debris lowers the curb appeal of your beloved Frisco home. Unfortunately, it can also cause damage to your gutters, shingles, and other roofing materials. The damage shortens the life of your roof, demands expensive repairs, and perhaps even causes unforeseen damage to your home proper.Where Does Debris Come From?There
  • When you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor, you need someone who’ll do the job with the best products in the industry. GAF certifications are one of many options to help you find the truly great commercial roofing contractors in Plano.What is GAF?GAF is short for General Aniline & Film.
  • You want the most efficient roof possible with the least amount of environmental damage these days. As people learn more about waste, they demand more from homes and businesses alike. Finding a roofing contractor who carries the GAF Certified Green Roofer certificate in Frisco can be a step towards doing
  • GAF Certified Roofer CarrolltonThe greater DFW area has already seen record-breaking temperatures, and the year is only likely to get worse in the dog days of summer. During this heat, it’s essential to consider how your roof is holding up and whether you need to call in a professional Carrollton
  • GAF Certified Roofer DallasDallas roofers have numerous options for certification that show consumers like you the company’s professionalism. However, with so many roofing certification options that Dallas roofers claim, it can be hard to determine what each means.StazOn Roofing has carried GAF Master Elite Contractor certification for years. This certification
  • Shingle Roofs DallasRoof repair in Dallas is critical to your home’s roof reaching the advertised service life for the shingles. Without the right maintenance, the sun, thunderstorms, hail, and more could have you calling a Dallas roofer for roof repairs more often.Remove Debris from Your Dallas RoofDebris, sitting on your
  • Metal Roof DallasMetal roofing is marketed as a long-term solution for roofing. However, without proper care, a metal roof in Dallas cannot live up to that promise without significant roof repairs. Rather than waiting until you have to call a Dallas roofing company for roof repair, it’s best to get
  • Tile roofs are a popular choice in Plano, and they do well in the Texas climate. However, they need proper maintenance and small roof repairs to hold throughout the expected lifetime in Plano. Keeping your tile roof in good repair can limit how often you need a Plano roofing company.Keep
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    Across the greater Dallas area, rain chains are gaining popularity. These beautiful alternatives to downspouts still require a skilled roofing contractor to install. However, each chain can greatly enhance the beauty of your home or commercial space without detracting from the functionality of a gutter system.Types of Rain ChainsRain chains
  • Custom architectural metal has many uses, from accents to fitting non-standard spaces. At StazOn Roofing, we’re pleased to offer custom sheet metal architectural pieces both on our own projects and for those throughout the Dallas and Frisco area.The Effect of Custom Architectural MetalCustom details add a certain luxury feel to
  • Metal Shop For All Custom Design NeedsOften, it’s the accents on Dallas buildings that set them apart. From commercial to residential buildings, custom architectural metal pieces turn ordinary Dallas buildings into the statement their owners want to make. With many options for architectural metal, no two projects are the same.StazOn
  • Dallas roofing contractors install clay tile roofs on countless homes and businesses every year. This durable option is well-marketed as lasting for over 50 years in the right climate with minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes the Dallas hailstorms cause problems with clay tiles that only a professional Dallas roofing company can repair. Cracked
  • Frisco is a wonderful place to live, and the high demand in the housing market reflects that. Some families move into apartments, condos, and townhomes, all of which are susceptible to damage during Frisco’s occasional hailstorms. Knowing what to do and when to call in an expert Frisco roofer is
  • Hail damages asphalt shingles, and unfortunately, Carrollton usually sees several good hailstorms each year. After each one, the chance of damage to your roofing material increases, which can make your roof leaky and less able to protect your Carrollton home or business.Dents and CracksThe most obvious sign of damage on
  • After roofing in Dallas for over 40 years, StazOn Roofing provides incredible work to each roof. As a certified Dallas roofer, we also know how challenging obtaining the right metal accents for each roof can be for Dallas customers.We provide the custom metal work you need to enhance the architectural
  • Frisco sees impressive storms every year, and at least a few will contain hail. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to prepare your Frisco roof, and after the storm, you will need to determine how much damage the hail did.Calling in an expert Frisco roofer like StazOn Roofing for
  • Roof replacement in Plano is often required due to roof age but may also become necessary after a major storm. Hail, in particular, can extensively damage your roof to the point where you need a new one.Calling an experienced Plano roofing company like StazOn Roofing can make the process significantly
  • Metal is one of many options for enhancing the curb appeal of a building. However, custom architectural metal in Plano is particularly practical under the Texas sun. Creating these unique elements with an experienced Plano roofing contractor guarantees both beauty and performance.Chimney CapsChimney caps prevent dangerous downdrafts and flue-clogging debris.
  • Rain chains are growing in popularity across the United States. In fact, rain chains are often viewed as a wonderful addition to homes and commercial properties in Frisco, where each storm turns them into a performance.What is a Rain Chain?A rain chain is an alternative to traditional downspouts in Frisco.
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    The first thing people see when they pull up to an address is the exterior of the home or business. Having custom gutters in Dallas adds to the statement each building makes and ensures that every first impression is the best one.StazOn Roofing has been working with roofs and gutters
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    After roofing in Dallas for over 40 years, StazOn Roofing provides incredible work to each roof. As a certified Dallas roofer, we also know how challenging obtaining the right metal accents for each roof can be for Dallas customers.We provide the custom metal work you need to enhance the architectural
  • Unfortunately, the roof of your home can seem fine one day and the next it’s a major problem. However, if you watch for certain signs, you’ll have time to call in a roofer in Carrollton to address the problem before it causes many problems inside your home.Ceiling StainsIf your roof
  • Whether you have a mysterious roof leak or need a roof replacement, or building a new home, finding the right roofing company in Frisco can make an enormous difference. With a good Frisco roofer, you know your project will be as stress-free and on-budget as possible. The question is, how
  • While spring in Plano may still be hot, the changing seasons mean it’s time to tackle some maintenance tasks to keep your roof in its best condition. Consider bringing in a specialist or a roofer in Plano if you’re unsure how rather than doing nothing. Clean Out Gutters Your gutters
  • How Do You Avoid One in Dallas? Dallas receives its share of significant storms, and after each one, the roofing companies receive a deluge of phone calls. Appointments for roof repair, roof replacement, and simple inspections fill up quickly. Homeowners like you get appointments further and further out, which is
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    Roof Repairs Roof repair is a necessary consideration in Dallas, especially during the busy storm season for roofers. A roof repair emergency can happen at any time in Dallas, and you need the best roofing company to be there for you in an emergency. What Counts as an Emergency Roof
  • Why Clean Gutters Matter Gutters are one of the home maintenance projects few people like to do. However, cleaning gutters correctly is essential, even in mild climates like Frisco. Not cleaning your gutters can significantly impact the value of your home and your comfort levels in it. Gutters direct the
  • Signs A Roof Needs Care Your roof protects one of the most significant investments of your life, and it needs the care to do it. You can monitor your roof for signs it needs care and bring in a top-quality Dallas roofing contractor at the first sign of trouble to
  • How to Find a Roof Leak While Dallas weather is typically mild, there are still many storms that challenge area roofs throughout the year. Unfortunately, any one of these storms could start the seep of water into your home and create lasting damage. Fortunately, there are several options for detecting
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    Whether you have a home or business in Dallas, you want to stand out. Hiring a local roofing company from Dallas can provide reliable service and options you might not be able to find anywhere else for a long lasting roof. Shingle Roofing in DallasWhile the traditional asphalt shingle may
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    Are You Looking For A Long Lasting Roof In Dallas? If you’re looking for long-lasting roofing material in Dallas, metal and tile are both excellent choices. Each offers a durable surface that works well with the weather and architecture of the city. Each material also requires a local experienced roofing
  • Why Call a Roofing Company Before Listing Your Dallas Home? Selling your home is a busy time, and there are many moving pieces. Calling a roofing contractor in Dallas for a roof evaluation before you list your home can save you many issues during the showing and closing processes. 1.
  • When storm season hits Texas most everyone hopes and prays the storms will pass them by and not come through their area.  However, they also know they must prepare for the worst and should have a reputable roofing company in Dallas on speed dial.  After the storm passes and you
  • With the Texas storm season upon us, finding a reputable roofer in Dallas might be a daunting task since roofing companies from out of town seem to flood the area when the storms hit.  One thing to consider is the shortage of roofing supplies right now. Helpful Tips for Choosing