• Tile roofs are a popular choice in Plano, and they do well in the Texas climate. However, they need proper maintenance and small roof repairs to hold throughout the expected lifetime in Plano. Keeping your tile roof in good repair can limit how often you need a Plano roofing company.Keep
  • Across the greater Dallas area, rain chains are gaining popularity. These beautiful alternatives to downspouts still require a skilled roofing contractor to install. However, each chain can greatly enhance the beauty of your home or commercial space without detracting from the functionality of a gutter system.Types of Rain ChainsRain chains
  • Custom architectural metal has many uses, from accents to fitting non-standard spaces. At StazOn Roofing, we’re pleased to offer custom sheet metal architectural pieces both on our own projects and for those throughout the Dallas and Frisco area.The Effect of Custom Architectural MetalCustom details add a certain luxury feel to
  • Metal Shop For All Custom Design NeedsOften, it’s the accents on Dallas buildings that set them apart. From commercial to residential buildings, custom architectural metal pieces turn ordinary Dallas buildings into the statement their owners want to make. With many options for architectural metal, no two projects are the same.StazOn
  • Dallas roofing contractors install clay tile roofs on countless homes and businesses every year. This durable option is well-marketed as lasting for over 50 years in the right climate with minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes the Dallas hailstorms cause problems with clay tiles that only a professional Dallas roofing company can repair. Cracked
  • Frisco is a wonderful place to live, and the high demand in the housing market reflects that. Some families move into apartments, condos, and townhomes, all of which are susceptible to damage during Frisco’s occasional hailstorms. Knowing what to do and when to call in an expert Frisco roofer is
  • Hail damages asphalt shingles, and unfortunately, Carrollton usually sees several good hailstorms each year. After each one, the chance of damage to your roofing material increases, which can make your roof leaky and less able to protect your Carrollton home or business.Dents and CracksThe most obvious sign of damage on
  • After roofing in Dallas for over 40 years, StazOn Roofing provides incredible work to each roof. As a certified Dallas roofer, we also know how challenging obtaining the right metal accents for each roof can be for Dallas customers.We provide the custom metal work you need to enhance the architectural
  • Frisco sees impressive storms every year, and at least a few will contain hail. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to prepare your Frisco roof, and after the storm, you will need to determine how much damage the hail did.Calling in an expert Frisco roofer like StazOn Roofing for
  • Roof replacement in Plano is often required due to roof age but may also become necessary after a major storm. Hail, in particular, can extensively damage your roof to the point where you need a new one.Calling an experienced Plano roofing company like StazOn Roofing can make the process significantly
  • Metal is one of many options for enhancing the curb appeal of a building. However, custom architectural metal in Plano is particularly practical under the Texas sun. Creating these unique elements with an experienced Plano roofing contractor guarantees both beauty and performance.Chimney CapsChimney caps prevent dangerous downdrafts and flue-clogging debris.
  • Rain chains are growing in popularity across the United States. In fact, rain chains are often viewed as a wonderful addition to homes and commercial properties in Frisco, where each storm turns them into a performance.What is a Rain Chain?A rain chain is an alternative to traditional downspouts in Frisco.
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    The first thing people see when they pull up to an address is the exterior of the home or business. Having custom gutters in Dallas adds to the statement each building makes and ensures that every first impression is the best one.StazOn Roofing has been working with roofs and gutters
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    After roofing in Dallas for over 40 years, StazOn Roofing provides incredible work to each roof. As a certified Dallas roofer, we also know how challenging obtaining the right metal accents for each roof can be for Dallas customers.We provide the custom metal work you need to enhance the architectural
  • Unfortunately, the roof of your home can seem fine one day and the next it’s a major problem. However, if you watch for certain signs, you’ll have time to call in a roofer in Carrollton to address the problem before it causes many problems inside your home.Ceiling StainsIf your roof
  • Whether you have a mysterious roof leak or need a roof replacement, or building a new home, finding the right roofing company in Frisco can make an enormous difference. With a good Frisco roofer, you know your project will be as stress-free and on-budget as possible. The question is, how
  • While spring in Plano may still be hot, the changing seasons mean it’s time to tackle some maintenance tasks to keep your roof in its best condition. Consider bringing in a specialist or a roofer in Plano if you’re unsure how rather than doing nothing. Clean Out Gutters Your gutters
  • How Do You Avoid One in Dallas? Dallas receives its share of significant storms, and after each one, the roofing companies receive a deluge of phone calls. Appointments for roof repair, roof replacement, and simple inspections fill up quickly. Homeowners like you get appointments further and further out, which is
  • Roof Repairs Roof repair is a necessary consideration in Dallas, especially during the busy storm season for roofers. A roof repair emergency can happen at any time in Dallas, and you need the best roofing company to be there for you in an emergency. What Counts as an Emergency Roof
  • Why Clean Gutters Matter Gutters are one of the home maintenance projects few people like to do. However, cleaning gutters correctly is essential, even in mild climates like Frisco. Not cleaning your gutters can significantly impact the value of your home and your comfort levels in it. Gutters direct the
  • Signs A Roof Needs Care Your roof protects one of the most significant investments of your life, and it needs the care to do it. You can monitor your roof for signs it needs care and bring in a top-quality Dallas roofing contractor at the first sign of trouble to
  • How to Find a Roof Leak While Dallas weather is typically mild, there are still many storms that challenge area roofs throughout the year. Unfortunately, any one of these storms could start the seep of water into your home and create lasting damage. Fortunately, there are several options for detecting
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    Whether you have a home or business in Dallas, you want to stand out. Hiring a local roofing company from Dallas can provide reliable service and options you might not be able to find anywhere else for a long lasting roof. Shingle Roofing in DallasWhile the traditional asphalt shingle may
  • Are You Looking For A Long Lasting Roof In Dallas? If you’re looking for long-lasting roofing material in Dallas, metal and tile are both excellent choices. Each offers a durable surface that works well with the weather and architecture of the city. Each material also requires a local experienced roofing
  • Why Call a Roofing Company Before Listing Your Dallas Home? Selling your home is a busy time, and there are many moving pieces. Calling a roofing contractor in Dallas for a roof evaluation before you list your home can save you many issues during the showing and closing processes. 1.