• Roofing insulation may seem counterintuitive in Carrollton, where there are only a few truly cold months in the year. However, adding roofing insulation provides benefits to your home all year long in Carrollton and many other warm locations.Why Should You Insulate?In the cold months, roofing insulation helps keep the heat
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    Unfortunately, roofs can experience various issues that endanger your home’s contents. The best way to protect your home is to spot evidence of these problems and call in a professional Frisco roofing contractor to fix them.Roof LeaksUnfortunately, by the time you spot a roof leak, it has probably already done
  • Spring is a solid time to replace your existing residential roof, but in order to get the time spot you want, you need to start the process soon. Otherwise, you may find the roof replacement for your Plano home later in the year than you would like.Why Would You Replace
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    Insulation is a critical component of your Frisco home, yet it’s often forgotten behind the drywall and the attic door. Even though Frisco is a reasonable temperate year-round, you still need good insulation for winter. Otherwise, your energy bills will be sky-high.What is Insulation?There are multiple types of insulation, but
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    While having pipes and stacks coming out of a roof can affect the aesthetic, each serves a vital function for the house. However, a reputable roofing company in Dallas calculated how many of each were necessary and completed the installation for your home as seamlessly as possible. What you see
  • Rain in Plano comes seasonally, including the large summer thunderstorms. Rain chains, rain screens, and gutters all help protect your Plano home during storms. An experienced Plano roofing company can use all of these elements to protect your home.Why Should You Care About Drainage?Rain chains, rain screens, and gutters all
  • Metal staircases fit into several unique design styles, from modern to industrial to contemporary. Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, a custom architectural metal staircase could be one of the signature elements in your Carrollton home.Why Choose a Metal Staircase in Carrollton?Metal, and steel in particular, offers exceptional durability.
  • As a resident, you have experienced the intense Frisco summers and occasional summer storms. The elements alone are a good reason to consider a metal awning for your home or business. However, incorporating a metal awning into your Frisco building has other benefits, and a professional Frisco roofer can help
  • Custom Metal Pieces For Your Home in DallasThere are many ways to add curb appeal and design elements to a Dallas home; however, architectural metal is one of the most durable. With proper design, custom architectural metalwork can be truly transformative.Chimney CapsChimney caps are vital to maintaining a clean, well-ventilated
  • Attic Ventilation in DallasDallas attics can reach extreme temperatures during the day without proper ventilation, increasing your cooling bill each hot day. When you’ve tried everything conventionally recommended to bring it down, try calling in a roofing contractor in Dallas to check the dryer vent and whether your foundation is
  • When installed correctly, soffit and turbine vents can be used to regulate the temperature of attics better. These tools are particularly useful in the warm climate of Plano, where summer 2022 brought another wave of record temperatures.Why do Attics Get So Warm in Plano?As anyone who has passed a science
  • Roof debris lowers the curb appeal of your beloved Frisco home. Unfortunately, it can also cause damage to your gutters, shingles, and other roofing materials. The damage shortens the life of your roof, demands expensive repairs, and perhaps even causes unforeseen damage to your home proper.Where Does Debris Come From?There
  • When you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor, you need someone who’ll do the job with the best products in the industry. GAF certifications are one of many options to help you find the truly great commercial roofing contractors in Plano.What is GAF?GAF is short for General Aniline & Film.
  • You want the most efficient roof possible with the least amount of environmental damage these days. As people learn more about waste, they demand more from homes and businesses alike. Finding a roofing contractor who carries the GAF Certified Green Roofer certificate in Frisco can be a step towards doing
  • GAF Certified Roofer CarrolltonThe greater DFW area has already seen record-breaking temperatures, and the year is only likely to get worse in the dog days of summer. During this heat, it’s essential to consider how your roof is holding up and whether you need to call in a professional Carrollton
  • GAF Certified Roofer DallasDallas roofers have numerous options for certification that show consumers like you the company’s professionalism. However, with so many roofing certification options that Dallas roofers claim, it can be hard to determine what each means.StazOn Roofing has carried GAF Master Elite Contractor certification for years. This certification
  • Shingle Roofs DallasRoof repair in Dallas is critical to your home’s roof reaching the advertised service life for the shingles. Without the right maintenance, the sun, thunderstorms, hail, and more could have you calling a Dallas roofer for roof repairs more often.Remove Debris from Your Dallas RoofDebris, sitting on your
  • Metal Roof DallasMetal roofing is marketed as a long-term solution for roofing. However, without proper care, a metal roof in Dallas cannot live up to that promise without significant roof repairs. Rather than waiting until you have to call a Dallas roofing company for roof repair, it’s best to get
  • Tile roofs are a popular choice in Plano, and they do well in the Texas climate. However, they need proper maintenance and small roof repairs to hold throughout the expected lifetime in Plano. Keeping your tile roof in good repair can limit how often you need a Plano roofing company.Keep
  • Across the greater Dallas area, rain chains are gaining popularity. These beautiful alternatives to downspouts still require a skilled roofing contractor to install. However, each chain can greatly enhance the beauty of your home or commercial space without detracting from the functionality of a gutter system.Types of Rain ChainsRain chains
  • Custom architectural metal has many uses, from accents to fitting non-standard spaces. At StazOn Roofing, we’re pleased to offer custom sheet metal architectural pieces both on our own projects and for those throughout the Dallas and Frisco area.The Effect of Custom Architectural MetalCustom details add a certain luxury feel to
  • Metal Shop For All Custom Design NeedsOften, it’s the accents on Dallas buildings that set them apart. From commercial to residential buildings, custom architectural metal pieces turn ordinary Dallas buildings into the statement their owners want to make. With many options for architectural metal, no two projects are the same.StazOn
  • Dallas roofing contractors install clay tile roofs on countless homes and businesses every year. This durable option is well-marketed as lasting for over 50 years in the right climate with minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes the Dallas hailstorms cause problems with clay tiles that only a professional Dallas roofing company can repair. Cracked
  • Frisco is a wonderful place to live, and the high demand in the housing market reflects that. Some families move into apartments, condos, and townhomes, all of which are susceptible to damage during Frisco’s occasional hailstorms. Knowing what to do and when to call in an expert Frisco roofer is
  • Hail damages asphalt shingles, and unfortunately, Carrollton usually sees several good hailstorms each year. After each one, the chance of damage to your roofing material increases, which can make your roof leaky and less able to protect your Carrollton home or business.Dents and CracksThe most obvious sign of damage on