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What’s Coming Out of Your Dallas Roof

While having pipes and stacks coming out of a roof can affect the aesthetic, each serves a vital function for the house. However, a reputable roofing company in Dallas calculated how many of each were necessary and completed the installation for your home as seamlessly as possible. What you see as interruptions to the roof symmetry perform vital functions for your home.

Roof Vents

Roof vents come in many shapes and sizes to match the needs of your home. There are two basic types of roof vents; exhaust and intake. Exhaust vents move stale air out of your home, while intake vents bring fresh air in. A lack of venting can cause dry rot, excessive moisture, and overburdened HVAC.

To calculate how many vents and their locations, a Dallas roofing contractor figures out the necessary airflow figures to hit the standards outlined in your local building codes. Most building codes for ventilation are standardized nationally.

To meet the standards, your home needs a variety of intake and exhaust vents, some of which you’ll see coming out of your home in locations other than your roof. For example, depending on your home’s architecture, the installer may have placed intake vents lower on the walls and exhaust vents through the rooftop.

Chimneys and Chimney Caps

Depending on your Dallas home’s age, style, and design, a roofing company may have gotten creative with the chimneys. In older homes with multiple fireplaces, this can add visual interest to your roofline. In newer homes, chimneys tend to be well-planned.

At the top of a chimney should be a chimney cap. Chimney caps provide a way to keep moisture and debris out of the chimney while also containing sparks that could catch your roof on fire. If your Dallas home does not have a chimney cap, you should have it evaluated by a professional roofing contractor as quickly as possible.

Chimney caps can be quite decorative and complement your roofline. If you want to add or replace a chimney cap, you can consider a custom option from our local architectural metal shop to meet your needs.

Dallas Gutters

Gutters are critical for your Dallas home’s roof and foundation. Without gutters, water may build up on your roof, causing rot, or it may flow straight down the side of your home, which erodes the soil that keeps your home’s foundation steady.

A professional roofing company should install gutter systems in Dallas to minimize problems and maximize drainage. The right gutter system will complement the architecture of your home while delivering protection from water-based complications like summer thunderstorms.

There are many available gutter options depending on your budget and home. Gutter systems also come in many colors and with optional extras like mesh debris filters to make having them on your home’s Dallas roof easier.

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