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How to Spot Hail Damaged Roofs in Frisco

Frisco sees impressive storms every year, and at least a few will contain hail. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to prepare your Frisco roof, and after the storm, you will need to determine how much damage the hail did.

Calling in an expert Frisco roofer like StazOn Roofing for an evaluation gets you the answers you need, but there are things you can look for as well.

Understand the Storm

Any hail over quarter size is likely to cause damage, and bigger hail means more significant damage. If you were not home during the storm, you could check your local weather station for reports on the official size of the hail that hit your home or business.

Additionally, you want to look at the wind speeds during the hailstorm. Unfortunately, high-speed winds can increase the impact of hail on Frisco roofing. If there are reports of high winds in your area, you may be looking for more damage.

Check the Soft Metal Finishes

One of the easiest places to see hail damage with your feet on the ground is metal finishes. Gutters and downspouts with pitting indicate that your home was hit with hail at a significant level of force. Spotting this means you may want to call in a Frisco roofer.

If you think you see damage to your metal roof then you will want to call a local roofing company in Frisco to assess any damage. Items like exhaust, flashing, and roof vents are a good indicator of precisely what hit your Frisco roofing and the extent of underlying damage.

Look for a Random Pattern of Dark Spots

Hail damage to asphalt shingles manifests as dark spots. This look is due to the damage done to the top coating on the shingles, and each site represents a chance that your roof may be damaged enough to leak.

If you see dark spots in your asphalt shingles they may be softer than the rest of your roof.

Examine Your Gutter Outlets

Hail damage can cause loss of granules from asphalt shingles. Typically, granules provide UV protection for the shingles, and without them, your shingles will age faster. With hail damage, granules wash off your Frisco roofing since the hail dislodges them.

You can check for granules at your gutter outlets. You may also see granules clogging your gutter system, which is dangerous. A clogged gutter system cannot move water fast enough and may lead to water damage to your roof or foundation.

Inspect Siding, Decks, and Patios

In particular, flat surfaces on the ground are good indicators of the beating your Frisco roof took during a storm. Decks and patios, especially wood ones, offer insight without your feet leaving the ground.

Siding is another option for inspection. Damage to your siding can indicate the size of the hail and speed of the wind a particular storm yielded. The more damage you see, the greater the chances you’ll need to call a Frisco roofer.

Call in a Frisco Roofer

While you can investigate the damage to your roof after a hailstorm without getting on a ladder, calling a Frisco roofer for a free inspection is the best way to be sure of the damage. StazOn Roofing has served the Frisco area for over 40 years, and we would love to help you recover from a hailstorm.