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Tile Roof Maintenance and Repair in Plano

Tile roofs are a popular choice in Plano, and they do well in the Texas climate. However, they need proper maintenance and small roof repairs to hold throughout the expected lifetime in Plano. Keeping your tile roof in good repair can limit how often you need a Plano roofing company.

Keep Your Tile Roof Clean

Limiting the amount of debris, leaf litter, and other items like that sitting on your roof can extend the life of your roof. Leaving them up there can deteriorate your tile, clog your gutter system, become habitats for pests, and cause other problems.

Generally, keeping tile clean in Plano starts with trimming trees away from your roof to minimize the chances of both collisions and leaf litter. If you see mold or algae growing, those need to be handled with the appropriate solutions.

Replace Broken Tiles and Make Other Roof Repairs ASAP

Unfortunately, broken tiles happen, especially during some of the more severe Texas hailstorms. Replacing broken tiles ensures your roof remains the waterproof barrier protecting your home. However, you should never walk on tile yourself, it’s best to call a Plano roofing company.

In addition to repairing or replacing tiles, you should have roof repairs completed as soon as possible on your Plano roof. Having a Plano roofing company make the minor repairs prevents them from becoming catastrophic.

Avoid Walking on the Roof

Tiles are notoriously fragile, and walking on them is enough to break tiles. Typically, professional roofing companies use platforms when working on tile roofing to distribute the weight across a broader area, but that’s not something you should ever try as a homeowner.

When you have a tile roof, it’s essential to limit who is on your roof. While it may be inconvenient if you have items like A/C on your roof, limiting the repair professionals walking up there can mean you don’t have to perform a roof repair in Plano.

Consider Top Flashing on Tile Roofing

Top flashing may or may not be part of your existing roof. If it is, it should be part of what you regularly inspect on your roof. If you do not have it already, you should look at getting it installed to help your roof function as intended.

Top flashing is placed along the peak of the roofline. This prevents water from getting under the tiles and onto the underlayment. Without it, your home’s underlayment is constantly handling most of the water, which wears it out.

Conduct An Annual Roof Evaluation

Most roofers say they do roof inspections however we here at StazOn Roof perform full roof evaluations including gutters…..etc.

An annual roof evaluation from a Plano roofing company ensures that your tile roof is in shape to handle whatever the Texas weather throws at it. It’s also an opportunity for a Plano roofing company to identify minor roof repairs for you so that your roof can last.

Do you need an experienced Plano roofing company? Connect with the StazOn Roofing team. We’ve been serving the Plano community for over 40 years.