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Choosing a Roofing Company in Dallas

With the Texas storm season upon us, finding a reputable roofer in Dallas might be a daunting task since roofing companies from out of town seem to flood the area when the storms hit.  One thing to consider is the shortage of roofing supplies right now.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Hail-Resistant Roof

The damage done to a roof is dependent on the size of the hailstones, along with the wind currents that are driving the hail storms.  It is hard for the homeowners to know just how big or bad the storm will be until it is already hitting your home.  Because of this, the best way to prepare your home to the onslaught of the coming storm is to choose a roof that will be able to withstand most hailstones.

The Right Roof

The importance of choosing the right hail resistant roof  can be more complicated than you might think.  Each roofing material can vary depending on the manufacture and composition of the roof.  There are 2 factors to take into consideration when choosing a new roof:

Impact Rating – Any qualified roofing company in Dallas should be able to help you choose roofing materials that are rated as Class 3 or 4, or FM 4473 or UL 2213.  These are the most durable under storms and Class 4 rated roofs can provide insurance discounts.

Roofing Evaluations

Getting a roof evaluation in Dallas is very important in case you need roof repairor replacement before the storms hit.  It’s always best to schedule periodic roof evaluations and do all maintenance work so your roof will be ready for storm season.  After all, if you already have cracks in your shingles, your roof is much more likely to be damaged when a storm comes.   It can be very easy to miss damage to your roof if you do not hire a qualified roofing company in Dallas like StazOn Roofing.  Our over 40 years experience in Dallas will ensure you get the best Dallas roofer when you need emergency roof replacement.

StazOn Roofing is a GAF Master Elite Contractor and we offer roof repair and replacements in Dallas and surrounding areas for over 40 years.  We offer free roof evaluations and we can be reached at 214-466-1518.