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Choosing the Perfect Rain Chain in Dallas

Across the greater Dallas area, rain chains are gaining popularity. These beautiful alternatives to downspouts still require a skilled roofing contractor to install. However, each chain can greatly enhance the beauty of your home or commercial space without detracting from the functionality of a gutter system.

Types of Rain Chains

Rain chains come in many variations, and a skilled Dallas roofer can help direct you to the right type for your needs. Since all of the options can come in various architectural styles, it’s simply a matter of finding the right rain chain type for your system.


Plain rain chains have single chain links hooked together. The simplicity of the design makes it a timeless option, and plain rain chains can easily be made from many metals. You may find plain rain chains make solid additions to existing gutter systems as well.

Looped or Double

These rain chain variations contain embellishments that plain rain chains lack but still maintain a streamlined look. For example, additional loops could be added to the chain to form globes or small pieces added to make different shapes as the rain flows down the chain. Generally, these types of rain chains are as effective as plain chains.


Cupped rain chains attach various “cup” shapes down the length of the rain chain to manage the flow of water. This design is generally purported to handle more water than a plain rain chain, though results are sometimes inconclusive when Dallas roofers test them.

Designing a Water Management Plan

Whether you have a commercial or residential building, consulting with an experienced Dallas roofer is the best option to develop the water management plan for your building. The right experience ensures your system is robust enough to handle the volume, even when you want to use items like rain chains.

The first step in designing a system is figuring out how much water your roof will collect during an average storm. For reference, a 1000 square foot roof, like many homes have, can collect over 300 gallons of water with less than half an inch of rain. On the other hand, a conventional rain barrel holds a mere 60 gallons, and the storms in Dallas can rain significantly more than half an inch.

Once an expert Dallas roofer figures out how much water your system needs to handle, they can provide the gutter system design to handle it with minimal risk to your structure. Rain chains can be a practical part of that system, and this style of planning ensures proper placement for maximum benefit.

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