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Custom Architectural Metal Pieces in Frisco Texas

Custom architectural metal has many uses, from accents to fitting non-standard spaces. At StazOn Roofing, we’re pleased to offer custom sheet metal architectural pieces both on our own projects and for those throughout the Dallas and Frisco area.

The Effect of Custom Architectural Metal

Custom details add a certain luxury feel to any space, and metal is a durable option that can last decades with proper care. If you’re a homeowner looking for the perfect piece to set off your curb appeal through quality work, StazOn Roofing is here to help.

StazOn Roofing is committed to providing the best possible custom architectural metal details, and we love seeing our clients’ results. There’s nothing like a perfectly coordinated home, inside and out, or a business presenting a spotless first impression using architectural metal.

Capabilities of the StazOn Roofing Shop

The StazOn Roofing custom architectural metal shop works with various metals to create what you envision. Our team can create everything from custom rain chains to vent hoods to chimney caps to decorative pieces. You simply need to tell us the ideas.

The Process

Our custom architectural metal shop serves Dallas and the suburbs like Frisco so that everyone can access what they need. We handle everything in-house, so you’ll work with the same team from start to finish.


With decades of design experience, the team at StazOn Roofing has created tens of thousands of unique options in addition to our popular choices. Our design team can take you from a simple sketch to a detailed model based on your ideas. Additionally, we offer professional measuring for absolute confidence in the dimensions you need, no matter where the piece will be installed.


All custom architectural metal fabrication takes place in our local shop. Our experts turn the designs from the first stage into precise shapes using current best fabrication techniques and treat every project with experience, quality and reliability. Our sheet metal fabricators are also efficient, allowing us to turn out high-quality work quickly.


If you are looking for a Frisco roofing contractor for custom installation services, StazOn Roofing has experts ready to assist. You only need to ask to access our team of installers to create the secure attachment you need, inside or outside of your building. We install everything from indoor decorative pieces to massive outdoor metal awnings.

Do you need custom architectural metal pieces for your Frisco project? Contact StazOn Roofing today for a local solution that delivers big results.