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Insulation for Winter in Frisco

Insulation is a critical component of your Frisco home, yet it’s often forgotten behind the drywall and the attic door. Even though Frisco is a reasonable temperate year-round, you still need good insulation for winter. Otherwise, your energy bills will be sky-high.

What is Insulation?

There are multiple types of insulation, but they are all designed to reduce heat flow. Whether keeping heat out during the Texas summer or holding it in through the winter, insulation is critical in keeping your house pleasant year-round.

Insulation comes in many materials depending on the type. For example, blanket insulation uses rock wool or fiberglass, while blown-in insulation uses cellulose or fiberglass. These materials all have a specific insulation value, which you may see as an R-value if you’re shopping for it.

Why Do Houses in Frisco Need Insulation?

Texas is a relatively mild climate, unlike Montana or other points to our north, so insulation is often an afterthought. The conception is often that insulation only helps in winter, and since Frisco has such mild ones, there are questions about why you would invest in it.

Some builders even minimize how much insulation they put in a home. As a Frisco roofer, we see this in many homes, especially in the attic areas. Without good insulation, you waste money warming or cooling air that escapes.

Around Frisco, the blazing summer sun is enough to make any reputable roofer recommend insulation, especially if there is none underneath the roof. However, the winter and cooler temperatures are often where insulation shines.

Insulation helps keep the warm air inside your home. Even in Frisco, with its mild winters, roofers have seen customers report saving hundreds of dollars throughout the season. Plus, it’s easier to keep their homes comfortable.

Insulation for Frisco Winters

Many areas of your home can benefit from insulation, and a Frisco roofer can help with anything tied directly to your roof. This consultation includes ensuring that the type of insulation you want will work well with the roof and determining any necessary structural support. A Frisco roofer can also help inspect existing insulation for damage from roof leaks.

Apart from the attic and walls, there are many options to insulate your home. Popular choices include wherever air can enter, from electrical sockets to crawlspaces to chimneys. If you want to insulate something related to HVAC or electrical, you may wish to consult a professional.

Replacing insulation is also crucial to optimal functionality all winter long. Sometimes, insulation becomes damaged and requires replacement, such as with a water leak. In other cases, the insulation ages or becomes outdated. Keeping your home’s insulation updated is critical for maintaining energy savings.

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