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What is a GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor in Plano

When you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor, you need someone who’ll do the job with the best products in the industry. GAF certifications are one of many options to help you find the truly great commercial roofing contractors in Plano.

What is GAF?

GAF is short for General Aniline & Film. The company has been around for over 100 years, and GAF is currently the leading supplier of roofing and waterproofing materials. You’ve probably been in a space that uses GAF products this week.

How Do Plano Companies Become Master Commercial Roofing Contractors?

GAF offers Master Commercial Roofing Contractor certifications for Plano roofers. However, the requirements restrict the accreditation to less than 10% of Plano roofing companies that can qualify with GAF.

GAF requires all Master Commercial Roofing Contractors in Plano to complete their education program. The company offers a mix of online and in-person educational courses on all of its roofing products as well as roofing science.

As with GAF residential certifications, GAF does require at least five years of experience with commercial materials to achieve the Master Commercial Roofing Contractor level. Many roofing companies have a higher level of expertise.

GAF also considers items like BBB rating, insurance minimums, and credit worthiness. These data points help the company find the best companies to help with your commercial roofing needs in Plano.

What Can a GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor Offer?

GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractors can offer a broader range of warranties than a roofing company in Plano that is only trained or authorized. You need your roof to last for decades and a warranty that will too.

The Diamond Pledge NDL Roof Guarantees cover material defects and workmanship errors for up to 30 years depending on the roofing system you use and include replacement materials if something goes wrong.

Are There Other Certification Options for Plano Roofers?

GAF offers many options for contractors to achieve certifications in various areas. GAF offers certifications in residential roofing as well, plus specialty certifications. Generally, roofers can carry one in each line, depending on the areas they specialize in.

There are options for roofing companies in Plano to achieve GAF Low-Slope Factory-Certified Contractor and Premium Coating Systems as well. These contractors are also trained but do not require as much experience or as high a rating as the GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractors in Plano.