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What is a GAF Certified Green Roofer in Frisco?

You want the most efficient roof possible with the least amount of environmental damage these days. As people learn more about waste, they demand more from homes and businesses alike. Finding a roofing contractor who carries the GAF Certified Green Roofer certificate in Frisco can be a step towards doing your part to help the environment.

What is GAF?

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film. This firm was established in the 1880s and is the leading supplier of roofing materials in the USA. GAF works with contractors all over and, in that century of experience, has found how to identify Frisco roofing companies that can deliver superior service.

What is Involved in a GAF Certified Green Roofer Certification for Frisco Roofers?

A GAF Certified Green Roofer pledges to take part in several initiatives to improve the sustainability of the Frisco roofing company. GAF actually checks that roofers follow up, so the first step in the process is working out compliance.

GAF requires each Certified Green Roofer in Frisco to pass a written Sustainability Assessment. This assessment addresses various parts of the roofing company and identifies if there are any options for improvement.

GAF also requires every Certified Green Roofer to join their local U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) chapter. Not only was USGBC critical throughout the development of the program, but roofing companies in Frisco also participate in making their local area even greener.

Roofing companies also commit to shingle recycling if a program is available in their state. Since shingle recycling is a growing trend, more Certified Green Roofers are able to implement this pledge when they handle your Frisco roof.

What Does This Certification Do?

Becoming and staying a GAF Certified Green Roofer means improving the sustainability of the Frisco roofing company each year. It’s a sound business practice that enhances the whole community and offers new opportunities.

For you as a customer, choosing a GAF Certified Green roofer as your Frisco roofing contractor helps put your mind at ease. Regardless of what you need done to your roof, your project will have the least amount of environmental impact possible.

Does GAF Offer Other Certification Levels to Frisco Roofers?

GAF Certified Green Roofer is considered an independent certification from the other options at GAF. This difference is because any type of roofer can become a Certified Green Roofer rather than working the company’s way up the ladder.