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Heat Damage and Your Carrollton Roof: What to Look For

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The greater DFW area has already seen record-breaking temperatures, and the year is only likely to get worse in the dog days of summer. During this heat, it’s essential to consider how your roof is holding up and whether you need to call in a professional Carrollton roofer for an inspection or repairs.

Cracks and Blisters

Cracks and blisters can form in shingles during extreme heat, especially if Carrollton has several days in a row of above-average temperatures, even by Texas standards. You may want to call in a professional roofer if you suspect this kind of damage, as it weakens the integrity of the whole roof.

Weakened Flashing and Seals

Flashing is placed around protrusions on your home’s roof like chimneys or vents. These pieces are typically metal and caulked into place for a watertight seal. However, extreme heat can weaken the metal and dry out the caulk. You need a professional Carrollton roofer to confirm this has happened and to fix it promptly.


Discoloration, especially rapid discoloration, of your home’s roof is always a cause for concern. Heat discoloration tends to look like rapid aging of your shingles. You can likely see the discoloration from the ground and should call in a professional Carrollton roofer for an evaluation when you notice.

Granular Loss

Granules are what give asphalt shingles their properties, so granule loss is a severe problem over time. Your shingles always shed granules, which can end up in your gutter system or on your driveway. However, if you notice an abnormal amount, especially when there’s been no rain, you should consider calling a Carrolton roofer.

Loss of Shape

Extreme heat causes shingles to expand, and average days allow the shingles to contract again. New shingles can handle this shift, but older shingles cannot without losing their shape. You can see the loss of shingle shape from a ladder; if it’s bad enough, it can look like missing shingles from the ground. It’s important to have this checked by a quality Carrollton roofing company.

Melted Asphalt

Asphalt shingles are a versatile option for roofing, and as they are inexpensive, they are a common choice of roofing materials in Carrollton. Unfortunately, extreme heat can cause the asphalt to melt just as it can paved roads. If you suspect your asphalt shingles have melted in extreme temperatures, it’s vital to have your roof inspected.

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