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GAF Master Elite Contractor | What It Means for a Dallas Roofer

GAF Certified Roofer Dallas

Dallas roofers have numerous options for certification that show consumers like you the company’s professionalism. However, with so many roofing certification options that Dallas roofers claim, it can be hard to determine what each means.

StazOn Roofing has carried GAF Master Elite Contractor certification for years. This certification allows us to offer more to the residents of Dallas.

What is GAF?

GAF stands for General Aniline & Film. The materials company has been around for over 100 years and has always stood for quality. GAF is the top roofing material supplier in the country, and working with that many roofers means the company recognizes high-quality work.

What is Involved in a Master Elite Contractor Certificate?

The Master Elite Contractor Certificate is the highest GAF certificate for Dallas residential roofers. Only about 2% of roofers nationwide qualify for this certification, and it’s subject to annual review. A Dallas roofer must have at least seven years of experience before being considered.

GAF also confirms that each Dallas roofer is in good standing and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Burau (BBB). The company must maintain this rating throughout its certification. In addition, the Dallas roofer must also have a good credit rating with Experian.

A GAF Master Elite Contractor must commit to ongoing professional training so they can install the best materials using the latest techniques. This training happens under GAF’s supervision so the company can trust these roofers.

GAF also requires that the company carry over a million dollars in liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance ensures everyone is protected at every worksite, no matter how big or small.

What Can a Master Elite Contractor Offer?

A GAF Master Elite Contractor is the only organization able to offer Gold and Silver Pledge warranties on GAF products. These are the best warranty options available on GAF products and protect your roof for decades.

GAF Master Elite Contractors can offer all levels of GAF warranty, including the GAF System Plus limited warranties and the more conventional options. This flexibility means you get exactly what your roof needs.

What Other Levels for GAF Offer for Roofers in Dallas?

GAF offers three levels of certification, with Master Elite Contractor being the highest level. In order to become a Master Elite Contractor, roofing companies in Dallas must exceed the requirements for the previous two levels.

Authorized roofers install all GAF products in Dallas and can offer a basic warranty for material defects. However, that is the extent of what the Authorized roofer can do in Dallas. GAF doesn’t check into these companies beyond checking for the training.

The middle level of certification is called Certified. This level involves training on all the products and checks by GAF. If the Dallas roofer reaches the Certified level, GAF has verified that the business has a satisfactory BBB rating and is committed to ongoing professional training.

Do you need a Dallas roofer who has maintained a GAF Master Elite Contractor certification for years? Reach out to StazOn Roofing today! 214-466-1518