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Signs You May Need to Call a Roofer in Carrollton for Roof Repair or Replacement

Unfortunately, the roof of your home can seem fine one day and the next it’s a major problem. However, if you watch for certain signs, you’ll have time to call in a roofer in Carrollton to address the problem before it causes many problems inside your home.

Ceiling Stains

If your roof has been out of sight and out of mind, a ceiling stain may be your first hint that you need to look at it. A discolored area in an interior room means your roofing in Carrollton has a leak, and every day you do not repair it increases the potential amount of damage.


Unfortunately, mold loves the climate across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and grows readily. If you notice mold growth where the roof meets external walls, inside your home’s external walls, in the gutters, or up in the soffits, you need a Carrollton Roofer to remedy the situation.

Damaged or Deformed Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the first line of defense for many roofs in Carrollton, and many are rated to last 20 to 25 years. However, if you see your shingles are curled up, missing pieces, losing granules, cupped, or no longer attached, you need to call a roofer in Carrollton.


Leaks are a tell tale sign that your Carrollton roof is compromised. Unless you check your attic regularly, you may notice leaks as they appear in interior rooms. At that point, it’s important to get areas above the leak repaired once you fix the roof.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof  indicates there is a problem with the underlying structure, such as the rafters or decking. You should call in a Carrollton roofer if you notice your roof sagging as the surest solution involves replacing the roof.

Moss Growth

While moss on the edges of your roof may initially look pretty, it’s also a sign that you need a roofer in Carrollton. Moss growth can trap water against your roof, lift your shingles, and more, so catching this early generally leads to the best outcomes.

Damaged Vents

Your roof should be where most of the vents in your house terminate. If you notice something wrong with the vents inside your house, like a bathroom exhaust vent with a ring of water discoloration, you should call in a roofer in Carrollton to find the precise location of the problem.

Out of Place Flashing

Flashingprevents water from running into your home through the irregular parts of your roof, like around the chimney or where the rooflines meet. Since seeing misplaced, damaged, or unattached flashing from the ground can be difficult, calling in a Carrollton roofer is a good option.

All the Neighbors are Doing It

In this case, peer pressure can be helpful. Chances are, the homes in your neighborhood were mostly built around the same time. All the roofing in the Carrollton area experiences the same weather, so when you neighbors’ roof wears out, chances are yours is to.

Do you need an experienced roofer in Carrollton to diagnose your roof leaks or replace your roof completely? Call the experts at StazOn roofing and see how our team can help.