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Hail Damage on Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Carrollton

Hail damages asphalt shingles, and unfortunately, Carrollton usually sees several good hailstorms each year. After each one, the chance of damage to your roofing material increases, which can make your roof leaky and less able to protect your Carrollton home or business.

Dents and Cracks

The most obvious sign of damage on most roofs after a hailstorm is dents and cracks in shingles. This damage happens due to the force of impact as the hail falls, as well as the shape of the hail concentrating the impact on a specific part of your asphalt shingles.

A Carrollton roofer can replace these damaged asphalt shingles and get your roof in tip-top shape again. If you see dents and cracks in your asphalt shingles, it’s best to call a roofing contractor in Carrollton to take a look.  Most roofers say they do roof inspections, however we here at StazOn Roofing perform full roof evaluations including gutters, skylights, ventilation and more.

Granule Loss

Typically, granule loss is most evident weeks to months after a storm rather than immediately. If you’re looking at your roof from the ground, you may even think nothing is wrong right after a hailstorm. However, hail can leave small impacts on the shingles behind, leaving your roofing materials in Carrollton vulnerable to the elements.

The best place to check for granule loss on the ground is the exit of your gutter system. It will look like dark flecks gathered around the outlet. You should call a Carrollton roofer for a complete roof inspection if you find granules on the ground.

Exposed Roof Underlayment

Underneath your asphalt shingles is the roof underlayment, which is the protective membrane that makes your home’s roof waterproof. Being able to see it from the ground or via a recreational drone indicates your roof is in jeopardy since the roof underlayment is not meant to take the impacts and exposure to the elements.

When you see your roof underlayment, you must contact a Carrollton roofer as soon as possible. The roofing materials below your asphalt shingles cannot always stand up to the Carrollton weather, so you need to have them repaired quickly.

Roof Underlayment Damage

Sometimes, hailstorms come fast and furious, so it’s hard to check for signs of trouble. However, if you’re seeing damage to the underlayment underneath your shingles, that means your roof is no longer waterproof. An immediate evaluation of your attic space for leaks is in order.

With a damaged roof underlayment, it can be difficult for a Carrollton roofer to complete a repair without needing to replace a whole section. If the damage is bad enough, you may need to have your whole roof redone to ensure that the roofing materials are truly waterproof to protect your Carrollton home.

Do you need an expert roofer in Carrollton? Consider StazOn Roofing with our over 40 years of experience and commitment to the community for your next roofing project.