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Why Cleaning The Gutters Matter

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Why Clean Gutters Matter

Gutters are one of the home maintenance projects few people like to do. However, cleaning gutters correctly is essential, even in mild climates like Frisco. Not cleaning your gutters can significantly impact the value of your home and your comfort levels in it.

Gutters direct the flow of water from your roof and ensure it does not sit where it will cause harm. A clogged gutter cannot perform those functions, so the water ends up sitting on the roof, running down your home’s walls, and eroding your home’s foundation. All of these mean more home maintenance you need to pay for.

Clogged gutters often also attract local wildlife. Often, pest insects make homes in gutters, and occasionally something bigger like squirrels take up residence. Having these pests around can annoy you and cause damage to your home.

Additionally, a clogged gutter is a curb appeal issue. Not only do clogged gutters look unattractive, but the added weight can pull the gutters away from your home. This process can damage your home and lead to costly repairs.

Gutter Cleaning Procedure

If you have any trees on your property, you should clean your gutters one to two times per year. Generally, it should be fall after the trees finish shedding their leaves. Cleaning your gutters in the spring after the initial pollen season in Frisco is also a good idea.


If you do not want to clean your gutters yourself, there are professional services available.


To clean your own gutters, you’ll need several tools and a set of clothing you do not mind getting dirty. The ladder must be sturdy because you are moving around. You’ll also need a gutter scoop or children’s sand shovel so you do not damage the gutters and a tarp to put all of the gutter gunk on.


For efficient scooping, you’ll need to wait for a few dry days. Then you can set your ladder up with the tarp next to it. After ensuring the ladder is stable, climb up with the scoop. From there, simply scoop the gunk from the gutter and drop it onto the tarp so your landscaping remains pristine.


Once you have removed the various leaves, seeds, pollen, and other debris from your gutters, you’ll need to get the garden hose. You should aim the hose towards the downspouts to ensure that the gutter system is draining properly. While doing so, you may want to have another person on the ground to confirm that the gutters are in good repair.


Over time, gutters sag, break, or become disconnected from the downspouts. Unfortunately, you may not notice these issues until you look for them, and most problems need a quick fix before the next big storm hits Frisco.

Typically, gutters require repair because they are no longer as firmly attached as they once were. You have many options, such as tapping gutters back into place or adding more gutter screws that you can DIY without calling a professional. However, a professional roofer or gutter specialist is a good idea if you are even mildly uncomfortable.