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Understanding Roofing Insulation in Carrollton

Roofing insulation may seem counterintuitive in Carrollton, where there are only a few truly cold months in the year. However, adding roofing insulation provides benefits to your home all year long in Carrollton and many other warm locations.

Why Should You Insulate?

In the cold months, roofing insulation helps keep the heat inside your home. This feature tends to lower energy bills and can lead to a more comfortable home overall. However, without roofing insulation, heat can easily escape your home as it rises.

In the warmer months, roofing insulation is just as crucial in Carrollton. Insulating under your roof helps minimize warm air entering your home along with radiant heat from the sun’s rays. Without insulation, your home’s air conditioning unit must work harder to deliver a comfortable home.

What is an R-Value?

When you’re looking at different types of insulation, you’ll see R-values on the packaging. The R-value is industry shorthand for a mathematical calculation that tells you how much energy is necessary to change the temperature between the warmer side of the insulation and the cooler one.

In general, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation will do its job. However, R-values are not the only factor when insulating under your roof. For the best results, you should consult a local Carrollton roofing company that can evaluate your specific home’s situation.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type in Carrollton, and roofing companies install more every year. However, many homes with asphalt shingles lack insulation under the roof for various reasons. This fact leaves you searching for the best options to add insulation.

Fortunately, asphalt shingles are among the most versatile, and which insulation is best often depends on the attic structure under your roof rather than the shingles themselves. Even if spray foam insulation is not an option, batt or blown-in insulation can still provide reasonable insulation levels underneath your roof.


Tile roofs are beautiful and durable. However, they are also heavy. The weight your home is already supporting can be a factor for which insulation is best during an evaluation by a Carrollton roofing company, as adding too much weight could lead to structural problems in your home.

Fortunately, assuming your tile roof was installed correctly, most insulation options will work for your roof. However, you may have better results with spray foam insulation or batts than solid boards.


Metal roofing is an increasingly popular roofing material choice in Carrollton with its extensive service life. Metal roofing is continuing to evolve with more research, and current metal roofs tend to be more energy efficient than traditional asphalt shingles to start with.

In terms of space efficiency, boards are a common choice for metal roofing in Carrollton. However, spray foam insulation and blown-in insulation are also common choices for a uniform insulation coat.

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