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The Damage by Hailstorms to Clay Tile in Dallas

Dallas roofing contractors install clay tile roofs on countless homes and businesses every year. This durable option is well-marketed as lasting for over 50 years in the right climate with minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes the Dallas hailstorms cause problems with clay tiles that only a professional Dallas roofing company can repair.

Cracked Clay Tiles

Cracked clay tiles can come from several sources, including improper installation or someone walking on them. However, if you are lucky, cracked tiles are all your roof sustains during a hailstorm.

Cracked clay tiles can generally be replaced easily by a Dallas roofing contractor. These specialists can put new tiles in without damaging the rest of your roof, leaving you with a whole, beautiful roof once again.

Shattering in Severe Storms

Unfortunately, hailstorms with larger hail can shatter clay tiles on your roof. Roofing contractors know this is what happened because of the rounded nature of the cracks in the tile. Unfortunately, shattered tiles rarely occur alone, so you may find you have to replace a significant number of tiles after a hailstorm.

Much of the time, clay tile roofs hold up to small hail perfectly. When your area experiences hail larger than 1.5 to 2 inches, you should truly worry about your clay tile roof and call an experienced Dallas roofing company to check it. However, if your roof features many shattered tiles, you may need to replace the whole roof.

Roof Underlayment Exposure

The roof underlayment sits underneath your clay tiles and serves as the waterproof membrane to protect your home. This underlayment is designed to sit underneath your clay tiles, and they are not intended to handle sun, hail, and rain constantly. Instead, their design is simply to direct water that does not slide off your clay tiles.

If your roof mat is exposed, it’s time to call a Dallas roofing contractor. Putting new tiles on your roof protects the mat and ensures your roof remains water-tight. If your roof underlayment is damaged, it needs to be replaced by a Dallas roofing contractor.

A Word of Warning

You may not want to investigate your own clay tiles. Clay tiles do not have the same weight distribution capabilities as asphalt shingles, and walking on them can crack even pristine tiles. You can even damage some of your tiles by leaning the ladder against them.

Professional Dallas roofing companies offer the experience necessary to walk on, inspect, and repair your roof safely. You simply need to find the right Dallas roofing company for the job so that your roof is actually repaired and not damaged further.

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