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Benefits of Metal Awnings and Overhangs in Frisco

As a resident, you have experienced the intense Frisco summers and occasional summer storms. The elements alone are a good reason to consider a metal awning for your home or business. However, incorporating a metal awning into your Frisco building has other benefits, and a professional Frisco roofer can help you design one to maximize your budget.

Protect Entryways

Entryways are the first impression of your home or business. Protecting the entryway with a metal awning allows your guests to wait in comfort before entering your Frisco property. It’s a great way to limit the intense Texas sunshine.

Using a metal awning also limits the debris entering your entryway. Since it limits the rain, fewer things wash into your entryway, and it is otherwise protected from debris like leaves in the fall. While a metal awning cannot solve all your litter problems, it can minimize them.

Add a Custom Look

An experienced architectural metal shop can create a custom look for your metal awning. From the material finishes to the design, a Frisco roofer can work with a shop to create a piece that truly expresses your style.

Custom looks also improve the curb appeal of almost any property. Metal is often a unique awning choice, and the custom details are immediately noticeable as someone approaches your property. That’s a win for you, even if you’re not planning to sell soon.

Low Maintenance Options

An experienced Frisco roofer can help you find the right metal awning option for your location. Every type of metal used to construct awnings acts a little differently, and having an expert Frisco roofer in your corner can help you find the one that needs the least maintenance.

As with any awning, there will still be maintenance. However, occasionally, your investment to power wash leaves off is significantly less than having to repair rust holes. That’s part of why you need a professional Frisco roofing contractor on your side.

Added Energy Efficiency

Adding an awning is also a strategic choice that can lower your air conditioning bills. With the right placement by a Frisco roofer, the awning absorbs the heat from the sun at its most intense and prevents it from entering your spaces.

Due to the awning absorbing the heat and releasing it outside your property, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. If the awnings are correctly placed, you may see up to a 25% reduction in air conditioning costs.

Impressive Durability

Fabric awnings can become damaged quickly, especially if you always leave them out. The sun bleaches them, the wind pulls on the frames, and one sharp piece of debris can add holes. You may have to replace them within a year or two to save your curb appeal.

Metal awnings in Frisco are much more durable and resistant to the elements. A Frisco roofer can help you find the right option for your property and needs while still remaining budget conscious.

Are you interested in a custom metal awning? Then contact StazOn Roofing, a local Frisco roofer, today to see what our local custom architectural metal shop can do.