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Adding a Custom Architectural Metal Staircase in Carrollton

Metal staircases fit into several unique design styles, from modern to industrial to contemporary. Whether you’re remodeling or building from scratch, a custom architectural metal staircase could be one of the signature elements in your Carrollton home.

Why Choose a Metal Staircase in Carrollton?

Metal, and steel in particular, offers exceptional durability. Metal tends to be resistant to both wear and environmental shifts. Plus, a custom architectural metal shop can finish the staircase for even more durability.

Metal staircases last a lifetime and beyond with proper care. With minimal maintenance over the years, a metal staircase can remain in place for decades, which makes it a very sustainable option for homes.

Metal staircases are also simply beautiful. Depending on the design of your Carrollton home, these architectural metal pieces can become one of the signature statements. A good custom metal work shop can create your vision so that the beauty matches the surrounding space.

The Process of Building Metal Stairs


Measurements of a space are critical for achieving the perfect metal staircase for your home. Whether indoor or outdoor, experts will measure out everything about the space you want the stairs before beginning the design process.


During this phase, your staircase is drafted onto paper using precise measurements. During the planning session(s), the metal staircase is also checked against code requirements to ensure your safety.

This stage is also when the drafter translates your vision into paper. Whether you want a freestanding look, intricate railings, details on every step, or something else for your Carrollton home, it all ends up on paper in the architectural metal shop.


Once everything is drawn out, measured, and quantified, the custom architectural metal shop will call you or your representative to approve the plans. At this point, you get to see renderings of your stairs and make final adjustments so that the metal staircase looks how you envisioned.


Once you approve, the creation process begins. The custom architectural metal shop employees cut, shape, weld, and otherwise turn your vision into reality. This process can be as short as a few hours or as long as a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your metal staircase.

It’s important to note that shops often need to complete the assembly process onsite. Otherwise, your metal staircase may not even fit through your door for installation.

Installing Architectural Metal in Carrollton

Custom architectural metal shops often offer in-house installation, though many will work with your contractor if they would prefer to do the installation. The process typically requires a day to ensure a secure metal staircase to last your Carrollton home for decades.

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