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Rain Chains, Rain Screens, and Gutters in Plano

Rain in Plano comes seasonally, including the large summer thunderstorms. Rain chains, rain screens, and gutters all help protect your Plano home during storms. An experienced Plano roofing company can use all of these elements to protect your home.

Why Should You Care About Drainage?

Rain chains, rain screens, and gutters all change how your Plano home drains water during storms. A solid drainage system moves water off of your home’s roof, away from the foundation, and into the drainage management system of your landscaping.

Without an effective drainage system, water sits where it is not supposed to, which causes damage. As a result, Plano roofing companies receive hundreds of preventable calls every year due to water damage, and foundation experts receive even more.

A well-designed drainage system prevents these issues by quickly dispersing the water from storms. A reputable Plano roofing company can help your builder design or improve the drainage system using a variety of techniques.

What is a Rain Chain?

A rain chain performs a similar function to a downspout in a drainage system. A rain chain both looks beautiful and produces a unique sound as water runs over it. Rain chains have been used for thousands of years in East Asia and are equally effective in Texas.

Rain chains often compliment downspouts in modern drainage design rather than replacing them completely. Plano roofing companies ensure your system can handle every type of storm, so it’s not uncommon to see both options on a home’s exterior.

What is a Rain Screen?

A rainscreen is a design choice built into walls. A rainscreen features a solid or nearly solid outer layer. Underneath that is a layer designed to channel any water that enters out as quickly as possible. Below that is a waterproof barrier that protects your home.

Rainscreens are a great option for your exterior walls, especially as part of a drainage plan developed by a professional Plano roofing company. They’re another way to add peace of mind whenever you’re home.

How Do Rain Chains and Rainscreens Work with Gutters in Plano?

Rain chains and rainscreens can complement almost any gutter system. Typically, professional Plano roofing companies design the gutters to handle most of the rain load for the area. However, rain chains and rain screens can serve as supplementary or secondary measures.

Rain chains, for example, may be added to a gutter system purely for aesthetics. The chains can also provide additional capacity when there are heavy storms or simply be there because you like the sound. The choice is yours.

Plano roofing companies can also employ rainscreens to minimize the risk of water damage. While the goal of any gutter system is to catch and direct as much water as possible, rainscreens prevent damage from clogged gutter systems or exceedingly powerful storms.

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