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Custom Architectural Metal Shop in Dallas

Custom Metal Pieces For Your Home in Dallas

There are many ways to add curb appeal and design elements to a Dallas home; however, architectural metal is one of the most durable. With proper design, custom architectural metalwork can be truly transformative.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are vital to maintaining a clean, well-ventilated fireplace. Adding this architectural metal element to your Dallas home can add beauty as well, especially if the design matches other metals on your home.

Collector Boxes

Collector boxes perform a vital function during the Texas-sized storms Dallas gets. A collector box is a piece of custom metalwork that helps regulate your drainage system. This element can also be a beautiful addition to your Dallas home with the right custom metalwork.


A scupper helps water drain from your roof, and without it, your roof could sustain damage. Using an architectural metal shop for your home’s scuppers can make them into a functional work of art that adds value.

Gutter and Downspouts

Your home’s roof drainage system is key to maintaining your roof. Without it, water would sit on your roof, drip into your foundation, and generally make a mess. Whether you want a classic copper look or a modern color, the right architectural metal shop can help.

Metal Awnings

Metal makes a durable awning and often saves you money over the years. A solidly constructed awning helps you manage changing temperatures and keep your outdoor space comfortable. A custom metalwork shop can create the right look for your home.

Custom Shutters

Whether decorative or functional, shutters add to your home’s curb appeal. These architectural metal elements create visual contrast for your Dallas home and can form a large part of your overall design scheme.


Custom metalwork planters are a great option for any area around your Dallas home. Metal planters are suitable for all seasons and can add interest even when plants are dormant. A skilled Dallas architectural metal shop can even incorporate other elements from your exterior design.

Decorative Patio Pieces

Custom metalwork can also decorate your Dallas home’s outdoor spaces in almost any shape. The options are truly limitless when you choose an experienced local shop to construct your vision.

Custom Architectural Metal in Dallas

A custom metalwork shop can also accept custom projects to meet your needs in Dallas. Whether you want unconventional metal containers, custom systems, or something else, the right shop turns your vision into reality.

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