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Two Unexpected Items That Affect Attic Ventilation in Dallas

Attic Ventilation in Dallas

Dallas attics can reach extreme temperatures during the day without proper ventilation, increasing your cooling bill each hot day. When you’ve tried everything conventionally recommended to bring it down, try calling in a roofing contractor in Dallas to check the dryer vent and whether your foundation is affecting your roof.

Dryer Vent Weather Stripping

There is a lot of advice about dryer vents out there. Most of it focuses on keeping your family safe while using the appliance, from making sure they’re cleaned once a year to prevent fire to not running the exhaust fan with the dryer.

Many articles neglect to mention that your dryer vent can be where hot air, water, and debris enter your roof. Therefore, you or a professional roofing contractor in Dallas should check the weather stripping and seal of your dryer vent annually.

As a rule of thumb, you cannot expect weather stripping to last longer than three years. Some varieties only make it a single year before they warp, crack, and leave gaps around your dryer vent. Calling a professional Dallas roofing services company is usually the best option for an inspection.

Water Foundation Cracks

Your home’s foundation looks like it’s a long way from your roof, but cracks in your foundation can cause problems throughout your home. A solid roofing contractor in Dallas can tell you if you need to have your foundation looked at too.

Everything rests on your foundation, which rests on the soil. In Dallas, the soil tends to have more clay. Consequently, the soil shifts and settles in addition to the usual risks of water damage from the heavy rains and improper drainage.

Once the foundation cracks, it can’t support the weight of your home. A roofing contractor in Dallas recognizes when the damage to your roof comes from below and can direct you to a foundation expert. Unfortunately, fixing one without fixing the other means more expenses.

The best option, however, is to catch problems with your foundation early. Catching them before the rest of the house spends months or years with extra stress can prevent the need for Dallas roofing services.

When to Call in a Roofing Contractor in Dallas

While you could get up on your roof to check the weather stripping around the dryer vent or inspect your attic for cracks in the wood, a professional is usually a more practical option. Contracting for Dallas roofer services ensures nothing is missed in the inspection process. Plus, a Dallas roofer will be comfortable on your roof.

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