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How to Choose the Best Frisco Roofer

Whether you have a mysterious roof leak or need a roof replacement, or building a new home, finding the right roofing company in Frisco can make an enormous difference. With a good Frisco roofer, you know your project will be as stress-free and on-budget as possible. The question is, how do you find a good one?

Identify the Services You Need

Before you begin looking for a roofing company in Frisco, you should consider what you need for your roof. Most roofing companies offer multiple services. However, that could still mean you need multiple contractors if you pick a company without the specific services you need.

Find a Roofing Company in Frisco with Experience

Experience and community longevity are good indicators that a company does right by customers. If possible, you should also look for a roofing company based in Frisco or the greater DFW area. A good Frisco roofer is as invested in the city as you are living there.

Check for Licensing and Insurance

While Texas does not license roofers, several professional organizations certify roofing companies in Frisco. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) is the largest and issues license numbers you can verify online.

It would be best to verify that any potential Frisco Roofer has insurance. Any roofing company in Frisco you want to hire should be able to provide their certificate of insurance forliability and workman’s compensation insurance. Any Frisco roofer that does not should never be on your roof.  StazOn Roofing is a GAF Certified Master Elite roofing company in serving Frisco.

Meet Each Potential Frisco Roofer for a Quote

After choosing a few potential roofing companies in Frisco, you can set up a time to get quotes. A good Frisco roofer does estimates for free, so you’re only spending your time. You may find that a roofing company in Frisco needs a day or two to complete your estimate paperwork, but that is normal.

These meetings also allow you to meet the people who may be working on your roof. As in many situations, your instincts about the people you meet are an excellent resource to consider as part of the process.

Compare the Pricing for Your Job

You can compare prices now that you have written estimates from a few roofing companies in Frisco. Any estimates that look too good to be true probably are and should be discarded.Additionally, you may want to consider how much your peace of mind regarding your roof is worth when considering the numbers if the roofer who impressed you isn’t the cheapest.

Do you need a roofing company in Frisco with decades of experience cable of handling anything your roof needs? Connect with StazOn Roofing today to set up your free quote for everything from storm damage repair to leaks to roof replacements.