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Spring Maintenance Tips for Healthier Roofing in Plano

While spring in Plano may still be hot, the changing seasons mean it’s time to tackle some maintenance tasks to keep your roof in its best condition. Consider bringing in a specialist or a roofer in Plano if you’re unsure how rather than doing nothing.

Clean Out Gutters

Your gutters are vital for managing water flow off your roof. Unfortunately, trees dropping leaves, pollen season, and more end up in your gutters. Without proper cleaning, this creates clogs in your system, which can back up and hold water on your roof in Plano, causing damage.

If you have a mesh, foam, or liquid tension gutter system, that does not mean you can ignore your gutters. Instead, you should confirm your gutter system is still attached and functioning correctly.

Trim Trees Away from the Roof

While trees are beautiful additions to your property, they can become problematic for your roofing in Plano as they grow. Taller trees can be whipped about by the winter winds and impact your roof, damaging shingles. The closer a tree is to your roof, the more likely your roof is to need a Plano roofer for repairs.

You can avoid this problem by trimming back tree branches from your home in the spring. If you are unsure how to trim your trees back without damaging them, a local tree care company can do the trimming without you needing a ladder.

Inspect Your Roof

With your feet on the ground, you can walk around your home and look up at your roofing in Plano. You want to look for damaged shingles, ill-attached gutters, moss or mold growth, shingle granules near the gutter outlets, and other items indicating your roof is not tip-top shape.

It is best to call a local Plano Roofer to come out and inspect your roof as they are trained to spot issues you may not notice.  Do NOT get on your roof.  Call StazOn Roofing today and let us come out and evaluate your roofing needs.

Consider Small Repairs

Making small repairs to your roof often saves you a significant amount of money. For example, having a Plano roofer replace broken shingles prevents further rot, which means your roof will not need replacement as soon.

Spring is a fantastic time for roof repairs. Going into the colder season, fewer people tend to replace their roofs, and Plano roofers tend to have more flexible schedules. Spring is a great option, even if you just want to make sure your roofing in Plano is sound.

Do you need a Plano roofer for a roof inspection, repair, or other tasks? Call the experts at StazOn Roofing, serving Plano for over 40 years.