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Using Custom Architectural Metal in Plano

Metal is one of many options for enhancing the curb appeal of a building. However, custom architectural metal in Plano is particularly practical under the Texas sun. Creating these unique elements with an experienced Plano roofing contractor guarantees both beauty and performance.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps prevent dangerous downdrafts and flue-clogging debris. They are also part of the home’s or business’s curb appeal. Having chimney caps created as custom architectural metal pieces in Plano adds to the unique look of each home while still delivering the necessary structural protection.

Imagine a chimney cap that evokes the lines of the building or that blends seamlessly with a custom chimney. That’s the kind of detail that turns a building into a work of art.

Metal Awnings

Whether for residential or commercial buildings, metal awnings are fantastic additions. Not only do they add to the curb appeal, but they also add necessary shade in the blistering summers. Metal awnings and building accents require careful planning to deliver the expected benefits without any risk to the building.

From straight metal awnings to mixed material art pieces, adding a metal awning does not need to be an ordeal. Check out the options from StazOn Roofing.

Wall Panel Systems

Whether indoor or outdoor, wall panel systems are growing in popularity. When used in Plano, these systems turn into custom architectural metal statements, and the results are changing the architecture scene. Whether as an accent wall or a building exterior, wall panel systems offer a unique, durable choice.

From custom sizing to unique connections, wall panel systems can become anything envisioned. These unique options can transform any space.

Working with an Experienced Plano Roofing Contractor

StazOn Roofing operates as one of the top Plano roofing contractors, and we operate our own custom sheet metal shop. Using our over 40 years of experience, we’re able to craft the custom architectural metal pieces buildings in Plano need to look and perform their best.

The StazOn Roofing shop offers options to customize any project completely. We offer complete design services and professional advice drawing on our expertise as a Plano roofing contractor. We can help bring almost any vision to life.

Our team is experienced in working with architects, roofing contractors, property managers, general contractors, and more. We also work on residential, commercial, and multifamily properties, so we have the necessary experience to create on the scale these projects require.

StazOn Roofing can also install anything we create. Our shop was originally created to ensure we could deliver high-quality products on our projects. If we build and install, expect us to exceed expectations at every juncture.

Are you ready to install custom architectural metal in Plano? Contact StazOn Roofing today to discuss your project and see how our experience can help you create the stunning pieces you have in mind.