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Rain Chains from An Expert Frisco Roofer

Rain chains are growing in popularity across the United States. In fact, rain chains are often viewed as a wonderful addition to homes and commercial properties in Frisco, where each storm turns them into a performance.

What is a Rain Chain?

A rain chain is an alternative to traditional downspouts in Frisco. These devices are traditional in Japan and have protected buildings for centuries even though they were more recently introduced in the United States.

Rain chains can connect to a gutter system or function without one. Generally, the rain chain empties into a water collection vessel or a part of the landscaping designed to direct the water away from the building’s foundation.

There are vast types of rain chains, one popular profile looks like a chain and another has collection cups. Both varieties can handle a significant volume of water, though the cup style is generally able to handle more rainfall. Rain chains are often made from several different metals that can complement your project.

How Do Rain Chains Work?

Rain chains operate on the principle of surface tension. Water naturally has a certain level of cohesion, even while moving. This means it “clings” to the rain chain as it leaves the roof or gutter system in Frisco.

The other force behind rain chains in Frisco is gravity. Water will follow the path of least resistance as it heads towards the earth, and a rain chain provides that. Plus, the chains create a beautiful aesthetic while they channel water.

Custom Architectural Metal from a Frisco Roofer

As an expert Frisco roofer with over 40 years of experience, StazOn Roofing has a custom sheet metal shop that lets us create unique pieces to suit any building. These capabilities include custom rain chains for property owners and contractors.

StazOn Roofing offers experience and the option for completely custom designs. Since rain chains enhance the beauty and curb appeal of a home, our custom design capabilities allow the gutter system to become part of the overall design.

Our experience as a Frisco roofer helps us design custom gutter and rain chain systems that work well with the storms the area sees each year. Due to our expertise, our systems are both beautiful and functional for Frisco.

StazOn Roofing does collaborate with general contractors who need high-quality rain chain systems in Frisco. Our shop can create the perfect system for any home. This possibility often yields gorgeous results, and clients love the resulting service.

StazOn Roofing also installs complete rain collection, gutter, and rain chain systems across Frisco. Our expertise as a Frisco roofer is unmatched, and we’re committed to exceeding customer expectations on every step.

The StazOn Roofing team is also experienced in handling projects for architects, property managers, property owners, and more. Our custom architectural metal team can help deliver the water-shed protection necessary to make any site work.

Are you interested in the possibility of installing rain chains in Frisco? Contact the StazOn Roofing team today to learn how we can help with your project.